We have changed service time and location. We are at 4602 Hoomana rd in Lihue at 4pm.
If you have any prayer requests
or you need detailed directions
Please email our pastor at:
Divine Service with Holy Communion- Sunday 4pm
at 4602 Hoomana road in Lihue (near the intersection of Rice st and Kuhio hwy. 
Bible Study- Sunday 3pm

Everyone is welcome!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the congregation of saints here at St. Matthews, please don't hesitate to email or speak to the pastor. He would be happy to discuss it with you and arrange a time for a new member class that works for you.
When we are gathered together by God,
it is a time in which the people of God commune,
not only with each other,
but with the whole family of God on earth and those who have died in the faith. 
It is in Christ Jesus that we are at peace with one another
Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior through Holy Baptism.
The Bread and Wine are the true body and blood of Jesus Christ;
and the Eucharist is instituted by Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.
We welcome your attendance and offer our blessing in your walk with the Lord. 

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